How To Do A Bun With Faux Bangs

So look boom ….I got the perfect hair tutorial for you to learn how to do a bun with faux bangs!

super easy don’t even start doubting

yourself before you even try.

You might shock yourself and slay this look .

so ok you ready ? Sure you are ! ENJOY

2017 Brow Tutorial



So for years I always get compliments on my brows rather their filled in or just natural . I prefer them filled in because of course I’M EXTRAAAAA lol.

Recently i’ve simplified my routine to using just a pencil brush to fill them in and foundation and concealer to sharpen them up.That’s it! it’s so simple.

here’s a simple tutorial I put together for you . Check it out hope you enjoy .

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How To Create A Havana Twist Faux locs and Yarn Braid Wig


so I did this fun hair look and decided to make it into a wig so I could revisit this look in the future and it be quick and easy.

learn how I create a half wig using the crochet method on a braided cap. I alternated between havana twist ,faux locs and yarn braids .

list of products used below



Sensationnel African Collection -SB SAMBA TWIST BRAID 50 #1



(any brand of yarn will work)

Hope you enjoy


Do you have those certain celebrities or friends that you think are hair icons?  I do ..

I have quite a few actually lol. They are all for different reason of course.

This question prompted my latest hairstyle on my favorite wig.

I attended a friends event The Ultimate Sip & Slay this past weekend and got an overwhelming amount of compliments that I thought I’d do a tutorial on how I achieved the look.

First let me share why I decided to do this look and where my inspiration came from.

Like really? Why is Solange’s hair so Fabulous. I instantly fell in love with this look.

The fullness , Bushiness , perfectly imperfect waves and curls.
She slayed me then brought me back to life chile.
Solange is definitely one of my hair icons.

 If you really know me than you know I absolutely love everything about Tracee Ellis ross.
She has great hair as a bonus. I really could go on and on about her and that hair but I better stop it here.
So stunning and classy.

The inspiration is so obvious here lol her fluff was something serious baby.
Simply beautiful. Love her
So now that you know a few of my hair icons you’ll understand the inspiration behind my current style .
I believe  that i’m detailed enough for beginners. I had a lot of fun recreating this look and I hope you enjoy the tutorial.
Here are the deets on the wig i’m wearing in the video
Texture:Dream Deep
Frontal 13×6 18″
2 bundles 18″

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    Be Blessed



How To Prep Hair For Install

To ensure a beautiful installation I recommend to always prep your bundles before installing them. Rather it’s for a sew in , quick weave , or wig.

Prepping can include many things like sealing the wefts , applying color or highlights , and just simply shampooing and conditioning bundles.

here is a list of really good shampoos/conditioners and treatments below.

  • L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair restoring Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Tresemme’ Touchable Softness / Climate Protection Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Aussie Moist Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Joico Moisture Recovery
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2 & The Detangler
  • AG Ultra Moist Shampoo and Fast Food Conditioner (whole line is BOMB) 



Tips for BOMB prep

  • Shampoo 2-3 times rinsing with warm to hot water
  • Condition hair once leaving on hair for about 5 mins (if no treatment is being used) Rinse with cool to cold water’
  • Treat extensions once every month esp if you did a lot of heat styling. Choose from hot oil treatment , moisture treatment , protein treatment or masques
  • major key towel dry 20% then LET AIR DRY!
  • see video for visual

How to: Color-Lace Frontal & Bundles

What you will need to successfully color your Lace Frontal, Lace or Silk closures , and or Bundles.

  • Clairol professional Liquicolor 1AA/52D Ultra Cool Black 2oz (Sally Beauty)
  • Salon Care Professional 10 Volume Creme (Sally Beauty)
  • Color Bowl (Sally Beauty)
  • Color applicator Brush (Sally Beauty)
  • plastic or vinyl gloves (Sally Beauty)
  • Hair Clips (local beauty supply or Sally Beauty )
  • Hair Bundles and or Frontal (
  • wig block or form head (some local beauty supply stores , online) 
  • Tripod-standing or table stand for wig making (online , amazon)
  • T pins ( fabric store , some local beauty supply stores , online) 


There is a link to watch below that is very detailed but I wanted to just go over a few things I left out.


Ok first I want you to RELAX. Yes I said relax. Often times we defeat ourselves before we even gave it a try. Trust me after watching this video through once then coloring your hair you’ll have no problem doing a very good job. Second thing is take your time …… Girl you just spent them coins on that investment don’t ruin it rushing. You will be upset if you can’t part the hair where ever because you got color on the lace or silk.


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